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The Things They Carried

The Things They Carried

The Things They Carried
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Lieutenant Jimmy Cross: Martha's letters, photo's, compass, map, .45-caliber pistol.

Henry Dobbins (gunner): Extra rations, canned peaches and syrup over pound cake, M-60, girlfriend's pantyhose, ammunition, tropical chocolate bars, Black Flag Insecticide.

Dave Jenson: Dental floss, toothbrush, three pairs of socks, Dr. Scholl's foot powder, rabbit's foot, hotel soap, night sight vitamins high in carotene, empty sandbags.

Ted Lavender: Tranquilizers, 6 or 7 oz. of premium dope in an aluminum carrying case.

Mitchell Sanders (RTO): Condoms, PRC-25 radio.

Norman Bowker: Diary, human thumb giving by Mitchell Sanders.

Rat Kiley (Medic): morphine, plasma, malaria tablets, sergical tape, eminems, comic books, Brandy.

Kiowa: Devout baptist, illustrated bible, old hunting hatchet, Moccasins

Lee Skunk: Slingshot, ammo, tanning lotion.

Standard Baggage:

M-14, CAR-15s, Swedish Ks, Grease Guns, Captured AK-47, Chi-Coms, RPGs, Simonov Carbines, Black Market Uzis, .38cal Smith & Wesson handgun, 66ml LAWs, Silencers, Black Jacks, Bayonets, C-4 Plastic Explosive, Fragmentation Grenades, M-18 Colored Smoke Grenade, Tear Gas Grenade, Phosphorous Grenade, Firing Devices, Anti-Personel Mines, Nylon-Covered flak jacket, large Compress Bandage, Green Plastic Poncho, Rucksack, Mine Detectors, USO Stationary pencils and pens, Safety Pins, Trip Flares, Signal Flares, Razor Blades, Chewing Tobacco, Fingernail Clippers, Ice Beer and Soda Pop, Canteens, Chess Sets, Vietnamese-English Dictionaries, Insigina of Rank, Mosquito, Matches, Canvas Tarps. Can Openers, Pocket Knives, Heat Tabs, Wristwatches, Dog Tags, Bug Repellent, Chewing Gum, Candy, Cigarettes, Salt Tablets, Packets of Kool-Aid, Lighters, Sewing Kits, C-rations, Military Payment Certificates, .


Grief, Guilt, Blame, Love, Gravity, Fatigue, Rage, Pain, Regret, Land, Courage, Loneliness, Memories, Fantasies.


Dedicated to the Soldiers of Vietnam